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Rick Johnstone's Declaration

Having already adopted an Old English Mastiff through Mastiff Resuce, we were thrilled to locate the "Wards" facility in Norco, California, approximately 5 miles from our house. The thrill ended there. We were utterly shocked at the condition of the animals, the condition of the facility, the secrecy in which the Wards handled the adoption. We adopted "Samson" approx. 5 months ago albeit it was more of a rescue than anything else. The first dog we attempted to "rescue" from this flithy place, collapsed right in front of us, that being a small Great Dane. We then rescued "Samson", allegedly an English Mastiff. Samson is no more an English Mastiff than the man on the moon. The Wards talked about being dog "trainers", which was also obviously not true, having had several large breeds and having them professionally trained, this was not the case there. All the dogs were either greatly undeweight, in all cases filthy and smelling like they had never been bathed. The Wards talked about they "pack" training where all of the dogs were bark trained and pack trained, baloney. Samson had definite Alpha male problems with extreme aggression towards other dogs. We have worked with him at great length and he has has some success. The pricing was also quite a joke, with a sliding scale from $400 to $1000, depending on the dog and the alleged amount of care the dog had recieved. However, each dog we selected was at the higher end of the "adoption" fee. They also allegedly have their own brand of dog food, which by the appearance of the dogs there, was not the best to be feeding them. We felt it was more of a rescue than an adoption, the dog simply needed to be elsewhere in our opinion. If I had the space I would adopt them all. Also, strangely, you are never allowed to see where the dogs are kept, housed. It in itself is a big mystery. We actually left the facility on one occasion prior to seeing any dogs because of the strange way in which we were kept outside the gate until they could retrieve and put all of the dogs away. It was at that time we blocked in the driveway by Burt, because we were unable to deal with Tracy. A very cloak and dagger situation to say the least. Lastly, shot records and or neuter records, along with any medical history, is still not available. We have since taken care of that ourselves. Needless to say, we are happy to have given "Samson" a home, but the difference between the Mastiff Rescue Organization and the Wards "dog factory", was the difference between night and day, as well as the "pricing" for an "adoption".


Rick Johnstone
November 21, 2005
The foregoeing is true and honest to the best of my ability upon penalty of perjury. 

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