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Roni Gilles's Adoption Testimony

Jun 27, 2005

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Roni (duh!) and I am an adopter not a rescuer and have adopted 4 danes from Gentle Giants. The first was so old, sick and in pain. We had to put him down two weeks after bringing him home. The second had several medical problems that had to be taken care of right away, and he was aggressive and a biter. We had to put him down within the first year.

We now have two danes we got at Gentle Giants and low and behold we found out one of them was stolen. His chip lead us to his rightful owner who could not take him back... lucky for us. He had been taken from his backyard by one of Gentle Giant's people. Thank God we got these two away from that hell hole.

When Tracy was calling and threatening me, she sent a copy of the contract, but it wasn't mine. You'd think she'd send a copy of my contract, but I bet she couldn't find it. She sent her new one that had all kinds of rules/garbage that wasn't in mine. The contract she sent was more like a lease agreement. You have the privilege of leasing a dog for a certain amount of money but then you have to follow the lease agreement. You can't make any decisions on your own.  Do only what's spelled out in the agreement which includes consulting Gentle Giants on everything; including vet visits.  They could die before you get a hold of GG, and I believe you had to take them to their vet.

The problem is, they'd have to find the adoption contracts/Agreement first. They can't even keep track of vaccination paperwork (I was actually told that she doesn't have time for paperwork) so to find all the Adoption paperwork would be a monumental task for her.

Training?? what training??? How can you have that many dogs trained especially when you don't let anyone on your grounds and you never leave for more than a couple hours. I guess that makes Tracy the trainer and she has as much experience with that as she does with dog food. When I was there my 3x, training consisted of smacking them on the nose or head with the good ole' paper towel roll, if they pulled on the leash, yelling at them and pulling the crap out of them was the answer, screaming at them to shut up while Tracy was outside and berating them inside while the adopters were outside was another form of training. I don't think she knew you could hear if you were close to the house.  So when she brought a dog out they just ran to you with such a miserable look in their eyes or were so scared, you wanted to take them all home!!!!  She trains alright, fear is her tool of the trade.

Roni Gilles
See Roni's Documentation on our Documents page.

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