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Cheryl McCorckle's Adoption Testimony

My story, I first adopted an adult male, I was told he was great with cats, but he walked in the door and went after my cat, trying to kill him. I decided that was not going to work out and brought him back to Tracy. Oh and this was after my 800.00 adoption fee.

Then I adopted a "rescue" puppy, but from what I have heard she wasn't a rescue, but a dog bred by Tracy. I was told this puppy would cost 600.00, but I wouldn't get any money back. The puppy had diarreah from the first day I brought her home. Tracy also said she was crate trained, but she wasn't. She also didn't have any shots at all and was 10 weeks old, Tracy said no shots until 14 weeks. Unfortuntely about 1 month after adopting the puppy she was stolen from my yard.

I noticed after looking at Tracy's web site, that her "family" dogs seem to changed quite often. When I was there she had different dogs that permently lived with her.

After the dog was stolen, Tracy harassed me like crazy about going door to door to look for the dog, and she wanted me to call my police department every hour until they agreed to take a report.

I honestly believe Tracy and her husband are sick people who have developed a disolusion about helping dogs, and are out to make a buck off poor people who believe that they are rescuing these poor animals. I have no doubt that she is breeding so called rescues, as she always seems to have puppies. I hope she does get shut down.

Oh also when I went there, all the dogs were very underweight, and they all seemed to have had medical problems in the past, Tracy had a great story of how she had saved all the dogs she showed me. I would like to be of help anyway I can.

Tracy also is way over the number of animals allowed, she told me she had 75 dogs that lived in her house, 50 cats in the barn, and she had this really awful looking horse in the yard, that was way too thin and looked to be foundered, I rode and showed horses for years.

Cheryl McCorckle
July 5, 2005

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