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I had an encounter with a Dane in Fresno who was at the SPCA (2 Days).  My friend who works at a public works facility was the one who called the SPCA to have the lost Dane picked up. He called me to tell me there was a Dane at the SPCA without a name tag who looked very ill.  It was a weekend so I called to find out the status of the Dane and offer to cover the cost if the Dane was viable.  Meanwhile I tried to contact rescues (as we had none here) close to this area.  One returned my call and said they had offered to take responsibility for the Dane (only like 2 hours away) but the SPCA had told them that Tracey had been called and they would take responsibility for the Dane (5 hours from here).  I wanted further information so I called them and Tracey returned my call and told me a chauffeur had been sent to retrieve the Dane and that they  had an exclusive with the Fresno SPCA on Danes in need.  I found this odd.  I knew the Dane had only been in the system for two days so why was the SPCA giving up a Dane before the real owners had had the ten days to reclaim their animal (especially with someone offering financial responsibility) and it seemed to me the Dane was immediately being transported for services rendered by the vet staff for relocation and sale. Tracey told me, in that conversation, that they had found homes for some 1000 Danes in the last year.  Now with 365 days in a year how do you possibly interview and home 2 &1/2 Danes per day every day and meet the needs of the Dane being rehomed? I also had a call back from one of the rescues I had called who were much closer then Tracey and she told me she could do nothing because if you got "that" rescue pissed off at you they would be shut down because the California "powers that be" in the Dane rescue were friends of Tracey's and in order to keep their rescue alive they had to bow out when their name came up and not cause a ruckus in order to continue help Danes in their area.  I won't disclose who they are but they were dead serious about the fact that they could not cross Tracy and remain a Dane rescue anywhere in the central valley.  It also made me quite leery of the Fresno SPCA.   --  jeri

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