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Name withheld on request

I adopted a Great Dane from Gentle Giant Rescue a little over a year ago. When I adopted my Great Dane, I was promised medical documentation that I never received except for a rabies vaccination record which I received only months after continually pleading with Tracy to send me the records. Needles to say that by the time I had gotten that document, I had already had my Great Dane revaccinated. I consulted with a lawyer and according to him, the contract is null and void because Tracy failed to send me the medical documentation in a timely manner.

I decided to look closely at the vaccination record and lookup the veterinarian to see if they could send me additional medical records under the assumption the GG used the same vet for all of my Great Danes medical needs. To my surprised I was unable to find any information about the vet, as if it didn't exist. Could the Rabies certificate be a fake?

At the time of the adoption my Great Dane, was skin and bones. I went to see my local vet to see if I needed to do anything special to help restore my Great Dane to good health. My vet suggested adding vet food to her diet to encourage my Great Dane to eat more, and sure enough, gained 15 pounds in the first month alone. The first week after I had adopted my Great Dane, I was horrified by the appearance of tape worms. I was lucky in that it is a very easy and cheap problem to fix. My veterinarian explained to me that the incubation time for tapeworms is about 2 weeks, so it comes to reason that my Great Dane got infected while in the care of the Gentle Giant Rescue. Tracy herself told me my Great Dane had been there for well over a week. My Great Dane also suffered from chronic diarrhea until I stopped feeding my Great Dane the crap they sold me. As soon as I changed to another diet, the diarrhea disappeared. I tried putting my Great Dane Back on the Gentle Giant food, but my great Dane just sniffs it, sits and looks at me with that look telling me "are you crazy? don't you know what that stuff does to me!". They were other medical issues that I cannot get into because it would allow the Wards to identify me.

As far as their training program is concerned, I can only say, they don't know what house training is. I was told by Tracy that all the dogs they released for adoption were fully trained. The first week at home resulted in three huge crap spots on my brand new carpet, and 7 pee puddles. I had to retrain my Great Dane properly. I have not had a single accident since. I am so happy that I was able to rescue this Great Dane, rescue it from GG.
-- Name withheld at the request of the author

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