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Name withheld on request

Wow! I've been reading all the Adopter's Tales & I understand every single one of them. I can't even think where to begin. Hmmmm ... Well, our 1st trip to the Gentle Giant Rescue was in 2002. We adopted a Great Dane puppy ... so we thought. He is now fully grown at 87 Ibs. It doesn't take a dog breed specifics brain, to take one look at him & know he's NOT even 1/2 Dane. I told Tracy several times & she would argue with me every time. Told me the Vets where wrong & he (Dougy) was a Mini-Dane. O-kay? More like a $400.00 mutt! It didn't take me long to figure out she was the kind of person that would argue with God himself. But, it didn't matter. He was our baby ... despite all his physical & emotional problems. :(
     To help Dougy with his emotional problems we thought we'd get another. And because I just can't learn ... we went back. ((Dougy now 8 months old)). We adopted Angus a beautiful Onyx Brindle. He was missing 1/2 an ear on one side & had scars all over his chest. We where told he came from a family of 9 kids & the family's other dog attacked him. We had him in our home for less than 5 months. We learned ... he HATED black & mexican MEN. I mean hated! I called her after he tried to attack several of our friends & people working in our yard. She was quick to snap back with ... "well, he never did that here it must be something your doing". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then not even a month after that phone conversation I called to inform her that Angus ((189Ibs)) tried to go after my son 11 months old. OOOOOOOoooooo ... but he came from a family of 9 kids & again it must be something we where doing. He was returned one Weds. Only because I drove to her house sat outside by the gate & honked till they opened. See ... she kept coming up with excuses on why we had to hold him for a little longer. My husband was furious ... he told me  if Angus so much as snapped at our baby son's face one more time he'd drag him in the back yard & shoot him. (It had already been 2 wks since we called to return him). So, she yelled at me about honking & so on ... I'm not sure I wasn't really listening. LOL.
    Then it was a white Dane, she was blind, deaf & dumb. I had watched Tracy's mobil Vet do surgery on her eye, while she laid on a dirty blanket in the middle of her drive-way. I had her not even 2 months & had to have her put down. I was 7 months pregnant, when I came downstairs to find her bleeding out her ears & mouth ... I had to drag her through my house, down the side-walk & lift her into my car. On the way to the Vet. She peed & pooped, along with bled all over my car. Putting her down was the worst thing yet. I cried the entire way home. Only to have to listen to Tracy lecture me on how she was just fine & AGAIN it must have been something I did. How much she loved her & she could have saved her ... on & on & on. I just kept thinking this lady's Nuts! Because, ya know what? There come a point when rescue is no longer rescue but cruel torture. To have spent all the money in the world to keep that poor dog alive & suffering for even another month is just cruel.
    Then there was a skinny very tall black Dane. She was something else. She was a good dog except she would try to nip at my kids every once & awhile. I called Tracy again & got the same old response. Well, she finally bit our friends 18 month old daughter. & of course that was our fault too. And looking back I can see where it partly was. I should have done the same as we did with Angus. I called to inform her & she said we had to hold her for 10 days. WHAT? Because she bit someone ... Tracy said she couldn't take her for 10 days. What a JOKE! My husband brought her back. He said when Tracy open the door to his truck to get her out she was climbing on top of him to get as far away from Tracy as possible. :( That breaks my heart. :(
    I also picked Danes up at shelters for her & even fostered several dogs. I can go on forever about that part of the story. Maybe another day.
Well, anyway ... I was always asked ... if that lady drives you so crazy why do you keep doing it? My answer was: I wasn't doing it for her, but for the love of the dogs. But, a person can only take so much. I'm just sorry it all turned out the way it did. Reading your site & now I know ... I wasn't alone. Thanks for letting me share a small piece of my story. -- Name withheld at the request of the author

Note - We were not given the name of the author and are not able to verify or substantiate their story. We are sharing it exactly as we recieved it and we leave it up to the reader to decide how much value to give the assertions in the story.

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