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Name withheld at request of the adopter

I adopted a Purebred Great Dane from Gentle Giants Rescue.  I don't wish to  have my dog "repossessed" so I am hoping my identity to remain anonymous.
She had a little diarrhea in the beginning but that was straight from bringing her home from Gentle Giants. She was also EXTREMELY underweight (as was all  most of the other dogs that had been shown to us) and had an infection in her teats (she had given birth at a very young age before we adopted her at 11 months old). I called Tracy to let her know of the circumstances and of course her answer was to a) give her the diarrhea pills she had sent along with us after we adopted her and b) only take her to their personal Vet in Norco (I'm in  Los Angeles-2 hours away). After that and also after talking to many other  adopters, veterinarians, a Great Dane dietician and my own conscience, I decided that though I respect Tracy's putting her heart and soul into rescuing this breed that I love so much, it's best to just leave her out of the situation and leave it up to my veterinarian who has much experience with Great Danes herself (with second opinions if need be).

I have mixed feelings about that rescue to be honest.  My girl is currently in training as she is skittish with some people and tries to bite people though fences, usually only middle aged women...however weird that may sound. I will never give her up, and she is making huge strides toward being the perfect dog.  I've just questioned the amount of underweight dogs we saw there and the sick dog she brought out that couldn't walk as a result of heat stroke as an example of what not to do. Very sad.  -- Anon

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