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Basic Rescue Practices

All rescue groups have different philosophies, different goals, different numbers of foster homes available, operate in different climates and cultures, etc. Because of this, all rescues operate somewhat differently. We are cognizant of this, and we have worked with some of our rescue partners and advisors to create a list of standards of care that we expect all rescues to provide for the Danes we send them (and if possible all Danes in their care J ). We will be asking all rescues to agree to the following terms before we transport a Dane (or other animal) to or from their rescue:

  1. Animal will be housed indoors while in the care of my rescue. Animal will be kept in my home or in a supervised foster home. If rescue utilizes indoor kennels, Animal will receive a minimum of one hour of personal attention outside of the kennel daily, being cared for by staff, volunteers, or myself. Animal will not be housed in an outdoor kennel. Animal will be adopted under a contract requiring that Animal be housed indoors for the lifetime of Animal.
  2. Animal's temperament will be evaluated prior to adoption by myself (if experienced), a professional trainer or behaviorist, or a volunteer with supervised experience evaluating temperament, and the evaluation will be recorded and retained in Rescue's records.
  3. Animal will be altered prior to adoption, unless a qualified medical condition precludes it, on the advice of a veterinarian. No spay/neuter contracts will be considered, even for young puppies. A veterinarian will evaluate Animal's health, and records shall be kept and transferred to adopter. All health conditions identified by a veterinarian will be treated, or for chronic conditions, treatment will begin prior to adoption, at the advice of at least one veterinarian. Animal will be up-to-date on relevant area vaccinations prior to adoption, unless this goes against a veterinarian's advice based on health. Adoption contract will require that the Animal be kept up-to-date on vaccinations (see above), and free of parasites including heartworms (including preventative where this is a problem). If Rescue permits adopters to use holistic preventatives, etc, in place of conventional vaccinations and treatments, Animal must be under the care of! a qualified holistic veterinarian.
  4. A home visit will be done for adopters prior to adoption. Rescue understands that Dane T.R.A.I.N. may be able to provide volunteers for home visits for out-of-area adoptions. Rescue will require and verify references for any potential adopter, including one or more veterinarian reference.
  5. For out-of-area adoptions, Rescue will contact all same-breed rescues in the state of the potential adoption, to ensure adopter is not on a "do-not-adopt" list. Rescue has made arrangements to recover Animal if adoption were to fail.
  6. Rescue will inform adopter of the unique nutritional, medical, and behavioral requirements of the breed, including Bloat and Torsion, growth issues such as HOD, OCD, and Pano, etc. An adoption packet with articles listing such things is strongly recommended. Rescue will always be available for any questions from the adopter, for the life of the Animal.
  7. Adoption contract will stipulate that if the adoption were to fail, the Animal will be returned to the Rescue, and never be sold, given away, abandoned, or released to an animal shelter.
  8. Animal will receive some basic training while in the care of Rescue, concentrating on positive reinforcement techniques. Rescue will require adopters to continue with basic training, and will emphasize the importance of training with breeds like the Great Dane. A requirement of formal obedience classes in the contract is strongly recommended, especially for puppies.

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