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About Gentle Giants Rescue

I am writing to inform you about my experience adopting from Gentle Giants Rescue in Norco CA.

I am not exactly sure of the date I adopted but it was approximately three years ago. Every dog that was seen was thin to bordering on malnourished. Ribs, vertebrae, pelvic bones showing on all of them.  Various excuses were given, from the ridiculous, "the veterinarian recommends this dog be kept thin", to the plausible, "we just got it in". They all smelled horrible, and had various wounds on them. After hours (a nightmare in itself) of viewing different dogs a nine month old neutered male Dane was selected. My veterinarian also adopted a female Dane at the same time. (As a side note their Dane has killed one cat, attacked another, taken out the eye of a toy poodle, and attacked two elderly Cockers with wounds extending almost all the way around their necks. While they are not the get involved type I imagine they would certify to this if called to. This dog also was `cat tested`) We had been told the adoption fee was 250.00 dollars for each dog on the phone and to bring cash only. We were then told after driving eight hours there that the adoptions were 500.00 each because we were getting `highly desired colors'. When we complained they said that they would cut a break of 100.00 dollars off each dog since we were getting two.

Incidentally I would estimate that there were at least one hundred dogs total on the property and in the house. As a former show dog breeder and handler I have had as many as thirty dogs myself, so I know what a lot of dogs running together looks like. This was when they were adopting only Danes and Dane mixes. With the 20 something-other breeds I can only imagine how many over their 50-dog limit they are.
--Julie Hydro
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Tracey returned my call and told me a chauffeur had been sent to retrieve the Dane and that they  had an exclusive with the Fresno SPCA on Danes in need.  I found this odd.  I knew the Dane had only been in the system for two days so why was the SPCA giving up a Dane before the real owners had had the ten days to reclaim their animal (especially with someone offering financial responsibility) ... Tracey told me, in that conversation, that they had found homes for some 1000 Danes in the last year.  Now with 365 days in a year how do you possibly interview and home 2 &1/2 Danes per day every day and meet the needs of the Dane being rehomed?

In June 2006, my husband and I went to Gentle Giants Rescue (GGR) in Riverside, California to adopt a Great Dane.  I had spoken to the owner, Tracy, on the phone telling her that lived 14 hours away and couldn’t make the trip until they had several Great Danes to choose from.  She assured me that she had about 250 to choose from right now.  We were encouraged to bring cash.  Tracy also told me that all their dogs were professionally trained, gentle and healthy and if there was ever a medical issue with the dog, they would pay the expense for medical attention.   We were thrilled; it seemed too good to be true. Well, it was! 

When we arrived at GGR we were shocked.  The place was filthy, as were Burt and Tracy.  We were there for 8 hours, along with 9 other people also hoping to adopt dogs.  Each dog Tracy brought out looked dirty, matted and skinny.

 --Kimberly Gomez

During this time, I sent repeated emails to the Wards requesting Tiergan’s veterinarian record. We were informed while we were there that he had been seen by a local vet and that his leg had been x-rayed - their personal vet did not recommend amputation. I wanted those records before bringing him to my veterinarian. I figured we would have a better chance of moving forward if I had all of his medical information ahead of the appointment.

I never received a response about his medical records. I did, however, receive one email from the Wards during this time.

The second time I asked for his vet records, about 3 days after adopting him, I asked about the adoption fee for a Saint Bernard my husband had grown fond of during our visit. I immediately received a response about the dog’s adoption fee, but conveniently, Burt Ward did not mention Tiergan’s vet records.

At this point in time, I began to become suspicious. I realized that each rescue handles their adoptions differently and each rescue has their own requirements. However, due to Tiergan’s physical condition, it struck me as neglectful not to supply his new owner with the veterinarian records as soon as possible.  
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When we got there the place was a bit odd, not as green and clean as it looked on the website.  The whole place was really weird.  We waited in our car as instructed, in the heat, for someone to come over and greet us.  Tracy was helping another adoptee and didn’t seem to even notice we were there.  There was one other couple there to adopt besides our family and after about 20 minutes Burt directed us where to park and then led us into the area where they bring the dogs out.  They started bringing out dogs one at a time.  Tracy kept bringing out English Mastiffs and although I love the English Mastiff, I had to tell Burt we were primarily interested in the Bullmastiffs & French Mastiffs.  We were then informed that they didn’t have any Bullmastiff that they could adopt out yet – but he said they plenty of them on the phone.  They brought dog after dog out, most of which looked dirty and underweight, some even had visible medical problems.  Then Burt & Tracy disappeared and us the other couple just sat there wondering what the hell was going on. We sat there for at least 15-20 minutes before anyone came back out.  In that time we were discussing with the other couple how weird the place was and how dirty and smelly it seemed to be.  Both my husband and I, and the other couple there to adopt felt that the whole place was just really strange.  We could see big food troughs by the front door and  food all over the floor. There was a little caged in area right next to where we were sitting that contained 2 puppies, I can’t remember what kind they were but there was poop, mushy and extremely stinky all over the encaged area and food all over the ground.  It was filthy and smelly. 
-- Name withheld on request
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X turned out to be so fearful of people that she cowered and ran  away from everyone except me and my boyfriend. No one else could get within ten feet of her without her cowering, pacing or hiding behind  one of us. She consistently had extremely soft and even runny stools. I called Tracy after a week or two about the stool problem,  seekingadvice, and her response was defensive and practically  hostile. She insisted there was nothing wrong with my dog, she was  just nervous over her new environment, and generally made me feel  like a first-time mother calling the pediatrician every time her  child sneezed. It continued and we took X to a local vet, who found  that X had giardia and hookworm. We had been taking X to a local dog  park, and there's no way to know if she got the parasites there or  at GG.  I called Tracy again to talk to her about these problems,  and her response on my voicemail was openly hostile and defensive.   At this point I decided I was never calling her again. Even after X  was treated she continued to have problems until our vet convinced  us to change her diet--a conclusion we had already come to, but we  were terrified that Tracy would realize we hadn't placed a food  order and try to take X away on the grounds that we had broken our  contract.

X continues to behave like a dog who has been abused. We are  shelling out more $$ (this, plus vet bills and what we paid out to  GG, now comes close to $2,000) to hire a trainer to help us  socialize her because as we suspected, we are not up to the task of  retraining a maladjusted dog on our own. She cowers if one of us  holds an object in the air. She is particularly terrified of men. We  can't take her anywhere except the dog park, and we can't have  people over because she growls, barks, or cowers if anyone comes  near her. My boyfriend was using a fly swatter once, not even  looking at X while he swatted at a fly in the apartment, and she  started shaking and backed into me where I was sitting on the floor,  pushing herself into my lap and whining. I called to him to put it  down and it was another half hour before she could even be cajoled  into approaching this man who had never raised a hand to her.
--  Name withheld on request

The poor guy struggled with other mostly minor health issues, one after the other. We didn’t care because he was the best thing that ever happened to us! Then we suspected he had the dreaded Wobbler’s disease and when I called Tracy to talk to her about it (I was so upset) she swore “his line is clean” and there was “no way he could have Wobbler’s”. Then she said many of adopters claim their dane has Wobbler’s but it never really is. Well, I tried to think positive but the test results were clear and anyone with eyes could see the compression on his spinal cord. He had a dorsal laminectomy and thankfully is doing really well, but he will never be “normal” and we are always worried he’ll have more problems down the road. I sent a message to Tracy with the bad news and the diagnosis and NEVER heard from her again.
--  Name withheld on request
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Having already adopted an Old English Mastiff through Mastiff Resuce, we were thrilled to locate the "Wards" facility in Norco, California, approximately 5 miles from our house. The thrill ended there. We were utterly shocked at the condition of the animals, the condition of the facility, the secrecy in which the Wards handled the adoption. We adopted "Samson" approx. 5 months ago albeit it was more of a rescue than anything else. The first dog we attempted to "rescue" from this flithy place, collapsed right in front of us, that being a small Great Dane. We then rescued "Samson", allegedly an English Mastiff. Samson is no more an English Mastiff than the man on the moon. The Wards talked about being dog "trainers", which was also obviously not true, having had several large breeds and having them professionally trained, this was not the case there. All the dogs were either greatly undeweight, in all cases filthy and smelling like they had never been bathed. The Wards talked about they "pack" training where all of the dogs were bark trained and pack trained, baloney.
-- Rick Johnstone
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What we found made us sick.  No screening of either dog nor possible future owner was done. People were being overcharged and lied to about the 'source' of the dogs.  The place was filthy and stunk to high heavens.  Even their home smelled so strongly of urine that we could smell it outside the closed front door.  There were 3 harl pups around 3-4 months old closed in a bathroom with shit smeared all over the walls and toilet.  One dog was chained and obviously aggressive.  The were still offering him as an adoptee!  There was a blind wobbler bitch that they refused to euthanize.  She was shy and terrified!  It made us sick!  These people need to be shut down!
--Name withheld on request
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Maddie was having diarrhea, and had a minor fungal infection (we were feeding Pedigree), in our case the diarrhea was caused by a severe case of round worms. Maddie was also 20 lbs underweight when she came to us. Why she was not tested prior to coming to us is a good question because we took her to our vet the day after we got her home. I don't know how much you paid for your Dane but Maddie cost $600.00 (which we didn't get back). Frankly at that point I was happy just to be able to return her and caulked the adoption fee up as a charitable contribution. 
--Jane Marckstadt
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I adopted Ari from Gentle Giants.
I can only speak to my experience. I was told a dog, any dog, would be 400 to 500 dollars, and because I was not looking for a puppy, it would not be the later amount.

As soon as I "picked" (he picked us, really) all of a sudden this poor skinny to the point of every rib and vertebra showing dog, with his tail wrapped in paper towels and masking tape, price went from 400 to 650. After all, she promised he was a "rare" color, and was 18 months old. ( None of which I believed, but I was "in love" already)
Yep, it was fine until he was home about an hour and started coughing and vomiting, and coughing, and when I took his temp, he was running 105. I contacted the rescue before I took him to the vet, as I was pretty upset, and was assured it was probably nothing but a reaction to moving. I ran him to the ER vet and found that his cough wasn't just an average kennel cough, his lungs sounded " slushy".  
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Last spring, my Dane died and after some mourning, I went to Gentle Giants in mid-summer (late July, early August) thinking that it would be a rewarding and helpful experience.  Unfortunately it was neither and I ended up taking home and returning a sick and very, very aggressive Great Dane to them after many hateful emails from Tracy Ward blaming me for the problems I had from my first day.  At no time was it considered that the (clearly longstanding) problems with the dog were the fault of the “sellers”.  I was not offered my money back nor was offered another animal.  The dog’s sicknesses, with included an active eye infection, kennel cough and diarrhea was blamed on my lack for care for the dog etc., even though the day I got her she had such a bad eye infection that I had to seek immediate attention for her.  Tracy Ward, the seller, stated “the dog had no such problems when you adopted her, she was completely healthy and fully check out” before I left with her.
--Robert Weiss
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My husband and I visited Gentle Giants Rescue with the intention of adopting an adult male Great Dane late summer, 2005 (we did not adopt a dog).  This was after reviewing their web-site and filling out an application – we were accepted. I have attached the e-mails we received from the ‘Rescue’ Operation after a phone call from Burt Ward.

...we should have been suspected something weird was going on when it was requested that we bring $400.00 cash with us and be prepared to pay more–up to $950.00 total. Also, red flags should have gone up when they said it is a requirement that we feed any dog that we adopted, their specially formulated food for the life of the dog. They said that the specially formulated food is the ONLY food that they feed the dogs – however, the only food that we saw there were bags of Pedigree... 
--Name withheld on request
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I truly feel that when they first started this "Rescue" they had the best intentions for these dogs. They then got overwhelmed with it and the money and are now taking advantage of their position of who they are ...
My story is not as bad as some of the others that I have read but I have told others not to go to Gentle Giants after what we are going through

We sat out there for over 8 hours. Listening to Tracy talk asking her questions and petting and meeting dog after dog....

After all this time my two littlest ones were tired of sitting we put them back into our truck and turned on the TV for them. Plus, once it started to get dark the mice came out!!!  As we sat there you could watch them scurrying about and hear them in the bushes behind us it was pretty bad.

These little buggers had no fear and my oldest daughter had two of them right by her feet and they did not care if she kicked at them, they just sat there. We mentioned it to Tracy she told us, yes they had a mouse infestation right now but did not want to poison because of the dogs....
...We get on occasion mice infestations at our Ranch as well, but let me tell you we take care of it ASAP!! Mice droppings and urine can kill a baby horse not only that they are flea infested.
On and on the night dragged out I was tired, my Husband was tried, we sat there so long or battery died on our truck from the little ones watching the TV. The other couple had to jump start our truck. Tracy laughed and said this happens all the time with adopters.
We finally had our three dogs that we liked, a Female Dane, a Male Greyhound, and I secretly was in love with one of those Wolfhound, Deerhound, Borzoi, Greyhound puppies. The ones that were born there at Gentle Giants and at the time of our viewing them they were about 5 months old.
We asked Tracy to bring out the Dane and we when and got our two little ones out of the truck so that I could see how the dog acted with them. This Dane was a total bully putting her paws onto my four year old shoulders and knocking him down then stepping all over him and pawing him. I do not blame the dog she seemed like she never had contact with little kids before and just did not know how to act around them.
Tracy them told us she was not spayed and was going through a "False Pregnancy" also that this Dane would have to stay at Gentle Giants a few more weeks to "Train her" a bit more and to spay her. Tracy told us this Dane came in with her Unfixed "Boyfriend" a Dane as well and now she is having a false pregnancy. From what Tracy told us it was "common for Danes."

  --Lisa and Georgie

...I am an adopter not a rescuer and have adopted 4 danes from Gentle Giants. The first was so old, sick and in pain. We had to put him down two weeks after bringing him home. The second had several medical problems that had to be taken care of right away, and he was aggressive and a biter. We had to put him down within the first year.

We now have two Danes we got at Gentle Giants and low and behold we found out one of them was stolen. His chip lead us to his rightful owner who could not take him back... lucky for us. ...Thank God we got these two away from that hell hole.
--Roni Giles
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The last Dane I had, I ended up finding out I rescued her from a rescue group (which should not be the case).  I was there late at night.  They brought out a few dogs, and I liked them all.  But, then they brought out the dog I ended up adopting. This dog ran right up to me (I had a couple people with me, sitting next to me...she wasn't super interested in them), got right in my face, licked my chin and with the most desperate look (and i am not exaggerating), was telling me "get me the heck out of here lady."  I couldn't say no to that.

I was told she was 5 years old, but after seeing her
in better light, and a physical way;
at least 8.  
--Cynthia Duvall
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Over the Christmas holiday, we adopted two dogs from a dog rescue (Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions) in Norco, CA.  They charged us an adoption fee of $1,307.50 cash for two dogs that were supposed to be of a specific breed, healthy, and with full veterinary records to include a vet check, shots, and dental records.

The dogs at this "rescue" were kept out of sight behind iron gates.  Howls emanated from two dilapidated buildings in the back.  In total, we were told that there were over 75 dogs in this single-family home with a back building.

They demanded cash up front and we only saw the dogs in the dark until we got them home.  One was reported to be 9 years old but looked significantly older than our 13-year-old of the same breed. ...The owners of the rescue promised to fax us their medical records the next day; to include shots and wellness check for both dogs, and dental care for the old dog, whom they assured us had just had his teeth cleaned.

The old dog was the breed they said he was but was terminally ill.  He had a massive, virtually inoperable tumor in his throat that made it almost impossible for him to breathe.  His teeth were rotted down to the bone, his gums horribly abscessed, and infected, his white blood cell count high and his thyroids off.  On top of that, he was unbelievably filthy as though he had not been bathed in several years.  He also had a huge growth on his leg.  Both we and our vet repeatedly requested the promised veterinary records, but the rescue never sent them.  After discovering the tumor while preparing the dog for dental work, our vet recommended that he be put to sleep and we complied. ...

One of the owners (Burt Ward), screamed at me, tried to blame the dog's condition on my mother (as though teeth could rot down to almost nothing, gums could become abscessed and horribly infected, and huge tumors could appear in a dogs throat in the course of 5 days), said that I had killed the dog, and insulted and threatened me.  On the day of the adoption, I noticed him yelling at his dogs and throwing things at other animals to "shut them up."  Based upon this, and his interactions with his family, his dogs, and his workers, he seems to be a bully who loses his temper quite easily but who otherwise says the right thing until he gets what he wants.
--Captain John Scott, USAF

We experienced one of the longest days I can remember (over 8 hrs) appointment time was drug out to see 11 dogs, told wait in our vehicle for an hour and a half as other people were told to park behind us where we couldn’t leave and 2 gates were closed behind us.

We were scammed with half truths and flat out misrepresentation, lack of paperwork and records for the animal, no receipt for the $1000 I was asked to pay...

We received no response when we called and emailed for three days as we took care of a very ill dog that ate his own feces as soon as he did his business, having never seeing this before I had to read up why a dog would do this.  I was told to buy their bottled water because their dogs are not used to toxins that could possibly be in our water supply.
-- Karol Vladovich
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I explained to Tracey that we were interested in a Great Dane. She proceeded to show me about 7 or 8 dogs. All of them were filthy, obviously sick by the green snot oozing from their ears, eyes, and nose, and the skinniest dogs I've ever seen. I never got to see "the herd."  She finally showed me a couple Danes, 2 were hers, one was so sick it looked like it was about to die and the last one we took home. As much as I just wanted to get the hell out of there, this last dog came to me and put her head in my lap and I couldn't leave her there. Her story was that her elderly owner was dying of cancer and her name was "Sweety." Tracey explained away all the sickness I saw in those animals as stress. I know enough about dogs to know that wasn't stress I was seeing. She couldn't help herself, one lie or story after another. She didn't even fool my kids. I was told to bring $400 cash and I'm sure that when Tracey saw I was interested in this dog, the price tag went up to $700. The whole thing felt wrong, but I felt very pressured and I wanted to get out of there. I signed all her papers, got the microchip, and lied through my teeth when I agreed to purchase her food.
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I adopted a Great Dane from Gentle Giant Rescue a little over a year ago. When I adopted my Great Dane, I was promised medical documentation that I never received except for a rabies vaccination record which I received only months after continually pleading with Tracy to send me the records. Needles to say that by the time I had gotten that document, I had already had my Great Dane revaccinated. ...

I decided to look closely at the vaccination record and look up the veterinarian to see if they could send me additional medical records under the assumption the GG used the same vet for all of my Great Danes medical needs. To my surprised I was unable to find any information about the vet, as if it didn't exist. Could the Rabies certificate be a fake?
--Name withheld on request
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...a white Dane, she was blind, deaf & dumb. I had watched Tracy's mobil Vet do surgery on her eye, while she laid on a dirty blanket in the middle of her drive-way. I had her not even 2 months & had to have her put down. I was 7 months pregnant, when I came downstairs to find her bleeding out her ears & mouth ... I had to drag her through my house, down the side-walk & lift her into my car. On the way to the Vet. She peed & pooped, along with bled all over my car. Putting her down was the worst thing yet. I cried the entire way home. Only to have to listen to Tracy lecture me on how she was just fine & AGAIN it must have been something I did. How much she loved her & she could have saved her ... on & on & on. I just kept thinking this lady's Nuts!  
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I first adopted an adult male, I was told he was great with cats, but he walked in the door and went after my cat, trying to kill him. I decided that was not going to work out and brought him back to Tracy. Oh and this was after my 800.00 adoption fee.

Then I adopted a "rescue" puppy, but from what I have heard she wasn't a rescue, but a dog bred by Tracy. I was told this puppy would cost 600.00, but I wouldn't get any money back. The puppy had diarreah from the first day I brought her home. Tracy also said she was crate trained, but she wasn't. She also didn't have any shots at all and was 10 weeks old, Tracy said no shots until 14 weeks. 
--Cheryl McCorckle
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Apparently, Gentle Giants seems to believe that they have  a "contract" with me that says that I MUST feed my dog according to their feeding protocol, which is the above mentioned Pedigree food.  This created quite a heated "discussion" between us (mostly via email).  In these emails, they (Tracy) "informed" me that Eagle Pack is BAD for his health and will cause MANY health problems. She "informed" me that Pedigree is the ONLY food appropriate to feed a Great Dane. 
--Barbara Laird.
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I have mixed feelings about that rescue to be honest.  My girl is currently in training as she is skittish with some people and tries to bite people though fences, usually only middle aged women...however weird that may sound. I will never give her up, and she is making huge strides toward being the perfect dog.  I've just questioned the amount of underweight dogs we saw there and the sick dog she brought out that couldn't walk as a result of heat stroke as an example of what not to do. Very sad. 
-- Name withheld on request
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My cousin, Wendy Monro and her family with four young children, adopted Rex from the Gentle Giants Rescue a couple years back for $900. He was about one. He was pretty skittish, but very sweet.

Where we came into the picture was when my cousin's family needed to relocate  (temporarily at first) to Minnesota for work. We agreed to take in Rex, Lucy (another dane) and Scooch (a large wheaton terrier) for about 6 weeks.

I loved Rex but he had some serious issues.  Who knows what his history was, but the more homes and history that is perpetuated does not improve his situation. Tracy should NEVER readopt this dog out. It is her responsibility to keep or euthanize (as recommended by professionals).
--Julie Klingsberg
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Once we got her home we decided to take her to our own vet to have a check up.  Well she tried to bite the vet.  So decided to try it another day.  A week went by, so we tried it again.  Got her inside and she tried to bite the doc again.  So he gave us some doggie downers to give her the following week.  Well he didn't give her enough and that didn't work either.  So we went home and I tried to give her a bath and she bit the hell out of my arm.   Called Tracy and was told she needed more time to adjust.  Like a fool, I beleived her.

The next week we went back to the vet and this time the trip was a success, except the doctor took one look at her ears and said in his opinion the dog was very abused and that someone had cut her ears with sizzors.  She also had two teeth that were infected and needed to be pulled,  and also had two cancerous groths on her leg that we had to have removed.  $500.00 dollars later, we went home with a dog that was taken care of by a onsite vet?????  HA HA HA what a joke.  The dog wasn't taken care of very well.

Almost every time I would get on the floor to play with her, she'd  start showing teeth, so I'd back off.  Then one day,  in Aug 2004, my wife was laying on the couch watching TV and Lucy came over and layed down next to her.  Lucy lifted her head and put it under Kathie's hand, like she was saying come on and pet me.  So Kathie did and Lucy bit her rigth hand. 
--Jim McNutt
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From the GENTLE GIANT NEWS Message Board

I adopted a wonderful dane from Gentle Giants. He was beautiful, but had a bit of a hip problem. I asked Tracy Ward if he could climb stairs (as I lived on the 2nd floor it was imperative that a 125lb dog could climb) and she told me that he has climbed stairs and would climb stairs "no problem."

He wouldn't and more importantly couldn't climb stairs more than 1-2 stairs in height. He was unable to physically bear his weight. ...

I adopted my sweet Tasia back in 2001. They told me she wasn't quite 3 (really, she was probably alot older). According to the Wards, she had been bitten by a brown recluse spider which had eaten away the flesh in her leg, but they assured me this was no big deal and she just needed to finish taking her antibiotics. ...

I too adopted from GGR. I was told they were alot younger and that they were checked by "Giant Breed experts" They were, in fact, very sick dogs w/ multiple medical probs and much older. I do think we lucked out with ours termprament wise. since I have come to conclude that GGR simply makes up whatever they want re the dog's history and background. ...

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006  by:  Ash
We moved to Washington and took her to the vet and found out she is 5 years old ( was told she was 13 months 5 months before) and she now has bad arthritis in her lower back to the point were if she is not on meds she cant walk well. ...

My family and I are very upset at the fact of her age. that took 4 years away from us that we can't have with her. That was unfair. I truly recommend that they be checked out before they sell anymore animals. I was so upset when we found out her age and not getting her shot record from Tracy that we had to spend more money on that I was going to take her back. But i could not allow her to got back to that place. I truly feel for those dogs and the unsuspecting owners that buy them. It costs us an arm and leg to keep her comfortable. We thought we would not have to worry about it for at least 4 years but it was thrust upon us by her lying about how old she was. Big dogs don't live very long so now we only have a short amount of time with her because of all the health problems she does have.

I hope some day someone will help all those dogs that are there. I feel for them. I wish there was more that I could do but there is not. I am so upset over all this that I look at my dog every day and tell her how sorry i am that she has to indoor all the pain that she does. If she was token care of from the beginning then she would not be so bad off in the first place...

Posted: Sat Oct 1, 2006  by:  derwud
Hi everyone
I have been trying to decide if I should post what happened to my husband and me when we went to GGR in Jan/Feb of this year to adopt a dog. Let's just say that after 2 tries they have my cash and I have NO dog. Here is my story as I explained it to a friend of mine in a letter I wrote to her during the summer (I took out my hubby's name):

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2005  by:  Mstfflvr
Well, I am another rescuer of a pup from Gentle Giants. I am thrilled that I was introduced to this site as I didn't know where to turn. I rescued a pup from Tracy (aka "Cruella") Ward. What a terrible place, and like so many of the other testimonials I've read, I still went through the adoption process. When you are there, it is surreal. The pup I got was sick with kennel cough and developed pnuemonia in a couple of days. In the 10 days I've had him, I've accrued $1500+ in vet bills and my two dogs are sick now.

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005  by:  ORLA
I saw a charming half-grown male named Casey on their website, and called to make sure he was available. Yes! So I arduously filled out the several pages long application, feeling qualified and ready. And in 3 conversations with Burt agreed on a date to come view the pup. He was to email directions. The day before the visit I still hadn't gotten directions so I called again, and was told Casey had been adopted out that very day, but there were lots of other breeds so come on down. Call me kennel-blind, but I only wanted an Irish Wolfound.

Then I started to think something was up, and I asked a friend in Missouri to call Burt and say that before she filled out the whole application she wanted to make sure Casey was still available. "Certainly!" Burt said!

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008  by:  aaronct
I don't have a story to tell but I probably came pretty close.

I filled out the GGR application yesterday and haven't heard back yet. Something started bothering me all afternoon and into this morning as to why they have so many puppies on their site and why the adoption fees are so high. Their prices match or go above what reputable breeders charge. So I started searching more about Gentle Giants Rescue and who and what I might be dealing with if my app got approved. That's when I found this site. ...

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008  by:  concernedowner
Back then, I bought into the hype, they seemed like responsible people, and we were so exited to have a dog. I even ignored the filthy house, yard, and long wait time. We spent 8+ hours there. We also paid several thousand dollars in adoption fees. I figured at the time they were well-cared for (I was no dog expert, but after caring for these dogs several years later, I have gotten better) so I figured it was worth it. It was not. It is a scam and at the expense of lives. Looking back, I feel like such a fool.

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